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The Priests 1220 - 2024

St Mary's Parish Church
Harby Leicestershire

  1. Data collated from Crockford's Clerical Directory 2021

  2. Data collated from Library of Lambeth Palace 2012/2021 

  3. Data collated from St Mary's Parish Church. Harby Leicestershire.

  4. Data collated from The Clergy of the Church of England Database 1540–1835. 2021/2024

Some of the priests here were listed in the original "History and antiquities of the county of Leicester" by John Nichols. You can click here to read the complete document on Harby.

When England split from the Roman Catholic Church in 1539.

This caused the English reformation and  the formation of the Church of England.

You can click here to read all about it.

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