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Old Harby Maps

There are two ways of viewing old maps of Harby on this website. In one, the maps are superimposed on more modern mapping, with a slider you can use to vary their transparency. In the second, old and new maps are displayed side-by-side on a split screen, with the position of the mouse cursor displayed as a cross on the second map to allow detailed comparison. The map viewers can be toggled to and from fullscreen mode by clicking on the icon in their top right hand corner. If a map doesn't display when selected, zoom out until it does and then zoom back in again.

The oldest map currently included is the 1793 Enclosure Award map of Harby, Leicestershire. The original [reference: MA/EN/A/136/1] is held at the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland:

The historic Ordnance Survey maps come from the excellent National Library of Scotland (NLS) maps website ( Their re-use is allowed under a under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence provided that we acknowledge where they come from. The techniques we use to display the maps have been adapted from those on the NLS website and also from code on


Here is some more detail about the Ordnance Survey maps used. Click on the headings to open individual sheets (including legends) in a new tab:

1884 Map

Leicestershire Sheet VII.SW, six-inches to the mile, Surveyed in 1883, Published in 1884

Also available at 25 inches to the mile scale as Sheet VII.9

1904 Map

Leicestershire Sheet VII.9, 25 inches to the mile, Revised 1902, Published 1904

1930 Map

Leicestershire Sheet VII.9, 25 inches to the mile, Revised 1928, Published 1930

1952 Map

Leicestershire Sheet VII.SW, six-inches to the mile, Revised 1950, Published 1952

The 1884, 1904 and 1952 maps are displayed as tiled layers, and with these you can pan away from Harby and view other parts of Leicestershire (in the case of the 1884 and 1904 maps) and the whole country (with the 1952 map). Away from Harby the maps in a particular layer will be of a similar vintage to the Harby one but not necessarily an identical publication date.


The LIDAR data shown as a shaded image in the viewers were acquired by the Environment Agency as part of a national mapping programme. LIDAR is an acronym for LIght Detection And Ranging, a surveying method in which the ground surface is scanned in detail using pulses of laser light. The model shown is the ‘last arrival’ or Digital Surface Model, which includes buildings and vegetation where the laser light cannot penetrate to the ground surface. The data were acquired in 2018 (on the west side of the village) and 2019 (on the east side) and are made publicly available through an Open Government Licence. In the current image, elevation differences in the surface model are exaggerated by a factor of 10 and the result illuminated from the north.

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